We Have Come To Be Danced

“We Have Come To Be Danced” is a wild, fierce, freeing ride of a dance poem. Sometimes it feels like other people are draining all the breath and life out of our dance — this poem is a poultice for those times. 

We Have Come To Be Danced

Jewel Mathieson has given her permission and blessing to reprint “We Have Come To Be Danced,” from her book This Dance: A Poultice of Poems. As always, please consider supporting the author.

“In poem after poem, Jewel writes of using dance to experience liberation, as a way of finding our way back to a communal consciousness, as a way of shedding the societal baggage that keep us alienated and isolated. “This Dance” is her gift to you, to me, to anyone and everyone who is willing to take a chance and live, really live.”

~ Michael Goldberg, Editor in Chief, Neumu

About the Author

Jewel Mathieson is an artist/dancer/ musician, an award-winning storyteller, an internationally published poet, and a founding member of Sonoma’s Center of the Universe Cafe. She has performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area with her band The Rhythm Ride.

She has also been teaching movement for over twenty years, with an emphasis in the 5Rhythms™ practice of Gabrielle Roth. A graduate of Sonoma State University, Jewel holds degrees in Psychology, Liberal Arts and Education and is a certified teacher/director specializing in Early Childhood Development and Movement.

The image is by Moyan Brenn via Flicker under CC license.

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