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Bhuz is gone. After years of declining participation, the site’s official Facebook page made this announcement today (on Facebook, which is rather ironic).

Regarding the Bhuz forums: After several years of declining participation (and two years of ad revenue that fell way short of covering surprisingly large expenses) my mom, Rosey, the owner of, decided to step away from the site.

Thanks for being a part of Bhuz. Personally, it was an amazing retirement job for my mom. She learned to code, she indulged her love of sparkly shiny things, and she developed relationships with many of you. She wants you to know that she is now happily raising ducklings, listening to opera, and enjoying her grandchildren.

The site has been saved to a hard drive for archival purposes. I am working on a new (much less elaborate) iteration of Bhuz, but since Facebook has made forums obsolete, it will be more of a reference site than anything else.

Panjo, the sales app, will still maintain the swap meet (

Please stay in touch with your Bhuz friends on this Facebook page if you haven’t already.

Wishing you happy dancing,
Jessica Hannan Sultan

I was a Bhuz addict, with over 12,000 posts to my credit. I first fell in love with the site through the UBDC thread – Ugly Belly Dance Costumes. It was a controversial thread, quite nasty at times, but so funny. The main targets were monstrosities like the Corn Queen, a costume beaded with plastic corn cobs, and the various nipple-tasseled tourist costumes with fallopian tube decor on their tuna-can-shaped belts.

The thread was 30 pages long when I found it. Yes, it poked fun at people’s creations and that wasn’t nice (although mostly they were the creations of companies looking to rip us off with poorly rendered handiwork). But the women of Bhuz were so smart and so funny — jokes about fringe as thin as Golem’s hair, and bedazzled buttcracks and Suzy Nippletassels — that I knew I’d found my tribe.

The site was my primary teacher for a while. We could discuss for weeks about exactly which muscles drove this or that shimmy, or what it meant for movement to be “skeletal” rather than “muscular.” I would frequently stand up at my computer and do moves with my hands on my body to feel which muscles were contracting. Luckily I worked at home; I think this was happening in offices and cubicles around the world.

I first learned about styles of bellydance on Bhuz, and it was where I learned that there is enough richness in this dance form to keep me a humble student for the rest of my life. I made lifelong friends there, many of whom I’ve now met around the world. And I first had the idea for Hafla For Humanity through that community.

What are your best memories of Bhuz? The way any thread longer than 4 pages became a Monty Python reference or turned to underwear? The sockpuppet identities and dramas? The running gag of sharing recipes to silence trolls?

Please share your memories below, we’d all love a chance to have a little “wake” for our favorite dance site.