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This cute song about a belly dancer was published in 1911.


Sadie Cohen left her happy home
To become an actress lady;
On the stage she soon became the rage
As the only real Salomy baby.
When she came to town, her sweetheart, Mose,
Brought for her around a pretty rose.
But he got an awful fright when his Sadie came to sight
He stood up and yelled with all his might:


Don’t do that dance, I tell you Sadie, that’s not a bus’ness for a lady,
‘Most ev’rybody knows that I’m your loving Mose,
Oy, oy, oy, oy, where is your clothes?
You better go and get your dresses, ev’ryone’s got the op’ra glasses
Oy! Such a sad disgrace, no one looks in your face,
Sadie Salome, go home!

From the crowd Moses yelled out loud;
Who put in your head such notions?
You look sweet, but jiggle with your feet.
Who put in your back such funny motions?
As a singer, you was always fine.
Sing to me: Because the world is mine!
Then the crowd began to roar, Sadie did a new encore,
Mose got mad and yelled at her once more:

from “Select Songs and Apt Quotations”, published by The Cosmopolitan Savings Bank in Cincinnati in 1911.

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