Amazing No-Sew Finger Cymbal Elastic (Updated!)

Get a snug, comfy fit with this hassle-free zill hack

AMAZING No-Sew Finger Cymbal Elastic
image via Flickr by Sandrine Magrin

The Dream: Finger cymbals that stay on your fingers without pinching or turning your fingertips blue, staying snug and comfy even when your weight fluctuates. Better yet: Finger cymbal elastic that does all this with no needle and thread!

The Solution: Soft but firm hair elastics (ponytail holders, as we call them in my neck of the woods). The grip is solid but soft. The elasticity is amazing and outlasts sewn elastic. I can even switch my thumb and finger zills around and they still fit perfectly!


What you need

  • Your zills
  • A butter knife, flathead screwdriver or another flat implement
  • 1″ ponytail holders made from rolled fabric.
    NOTE: Scunchi product number 16748-A is the perfect size.
  • Check that the ones you’re buying are the smaller size (1″) and made from rolled fabric that you can unroll with your fingers (see closeup at right).

What to do

1) Hold one of the elastics against the underside of one of your zills.


2) Use the butterknife or screwdriver to push the elastic through from the underside and pull it through from the top with your fingertips (this part takes patience. If the fabric bunches up and won’t go through, start over)


3) Push a second area of the elastic through the other zill slot. Push from underneath with the knife or screwdriver, as before, and pull through from the top.


4) Pull all the slack through to the top of the zill, and even up the two loops. TaDaa! When you’ve done this with all four zills you are done. Your zills should now fit snugly and comfortably, and your work will last you through many, many hours of zilling!

Tip: If you have very small fingers and the elastics aren’t tight enough, try knotting them in the middle and re-inserting.


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