Join the BDU Faculty

Welcome to the central marketplace for online bellydance classes! Here’s why this is a great place to introduce your work to new students:

  • Reach a new market: BDU averages 1,000 visits per month, and has first-page Google rankings for several top search terms.
  • Extra source of revenue: Keep up to 70%* of the proceeds (depending on how much you choose to donate to charity.)
  • Keep your rights: You still own your class. You can share a class here that you’re offering own site, on Patreon, or anyplace else that doesn’t require exclusive rights (though we ask that you not price it lower than what you charge here)
  • Follow up with students: We’ll send the email addresses of students who sign up for your class. You can invite them to join your e-mail list or follow you on social media.
  • Easy & Flexible: Submit a prerecorded class you already have on hand — or offer a live session or a multi-class program with video & pdf files.
  • Give back: 10% of every purchase — or more, if you choose — goes to the current Hafla for Humanity charity. If you’re not familiar with Hafla for Humanity, read about it here.

*We charge 20% to cover our platform costs, and we request a minimum donation of 10% to the current Hafla for Humanity charity.

So easy

Just fill out the form below. We’ll follow up by e-mail with a link to create your class listing and upload your file. BDU will host your video (no youtube links to worry about) and promote your class on our social media.

After that, you just relax, collect a monthly royalty payment, feel good about your donations, and follow up with the students who try your class. If you ever change your mind and want to take the class down, no problem.

Ready to join the BellydanceU faculty?

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